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Looking on Behalf of Yourself
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At HRM Homecare we understand welcoming a carer into your home can be an emotional time. Knowing when to recognize the right time can be confusing for many.  Regardless of whether you need someone to pop out to do your shopping or are in need of on-hand all day care, we will make sure our skilled carers work with you.Service User

What sets HRM Homecare apart is the way we organise ourselves around the individual needs and wishes of our service users. That means that the rules are yours and not ours. There is no such thing as a ‘generic’ care programme and you retain as much independence as possible whilst knowing that care is on hand when it is needed or requested.
We can check on meals, medications, living conditions and general safety, the choice is yours.  This type of care can be provided on a daily check- in basis, either in person or by telephone. See Our Services

Participation. We invite all of our service users to get actively involved in the shaping of our services. We believe the more involvement you have in these developments, the more reflective of your needs and aspirations our services can be. We continually monitor and act upon concerns and comments from all of our service users through various methods including

  • Service user forums
  • Newsletters
  • Service user surveys

Advocacy. We actively promote advocacy within the HRM Homecare organisation by empowering and enabling our service users to take responsibility and control over the decisions that affect their lives, by speaking up for themselves to secure the rights and obtain the services they need.

For more information on any of our services contact us now or why not request a call back, to do this just fill out your information to the top right of this page and we will be in touch.


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